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You want to buy a Photobooth and you are searching for the one who is finished and meets your Requirements? We offer completly ready Photobooth-Systems for Sale. Our Photobooth-Ready is approved and reliable a hundred times, additionally its unopposed in it functionality. It stays easy to Operate and user friendly concurently. The custom-made aluminum case is unique at the market, compact, very sturdy and light weight. Do not abandon green screen photo booth template editor, studio flash, built-in touch screen, external HDMI / USB ports, branding opportunity and offline social media sharing! All this is already integrated and included in the price. We offer a complete Photobooth for Sale without sacrificing at an unbeatable price.

Photobooth for Companies

„Who stops advertising to save money is like stops the clock to save time.“

Advertising is fun

For companies we provide an optimal advertising medium. Buy a Photo-Booth and stay in the minds of your customers. They offer a huge fun factor of always doing well and can simultaneously convey your advertising message. A complete branding of the Photo Booth or automatically inserted logos and text in the photos are only a few possible Features. Your imagination is the limit.

Photobooth for Wedding-Photographers

Unique wedding photos for the guests. Catching the Spirit

Offer more!

Are you a wedding photographer and want to buy a Photobooth? It allows you to expand your range. We offer you the solution. Our PhotoBooth-Ready is just the Thing for you. A mature Product which has been proven in continuous use and no customer Wish is unfulfilled. You just have to put ist on it’s Place and switch it on. The Fun will start immediatly. By the way, you get brilliant photos for your customers

Photobooth for Event-Agencies

Offer Events with a twist and stay in the mind!

For events with seasoning. Stand out!

Do you search a Photobooth who allows you to provide an additional Gimmick while maintaining optimal advertising Platform to your Customers? Check out our Photobooth-Ready! Set up in minutes, easy to carry and easy to use. Your Customers will be thrilled. A Photobooth is always amazing and it additionally provides an Option along the Way and make a lot of funny Promotion.

Welcome to oure Online-Store

Here you can buy complete Photobooth-Systems and Accessories. We have adjusted our Photobooth’s to your Needs and offer you the Opportunity to use your own Cameras or Flash-Systems. So you can save Money.

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Photobooth Ready 1.1
satisfied Customers
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Fun with Advertising

Your Photobooth – your Design

Digital-Templates available, ask for more information

The Goal # 1 “Happy Customers”

Unique Look and impressive Quality

DSLR-Cameras, Studioflash and professional Light provide really good Photos

These are just a few Features of our Photobooth

  • Aluminium-Housing

  • Scratch-Resistant Touchscreen

  • Studioflash-Systems

  • Easy to carry

  • Upgrade-Possibility

  • Integrated Social Sharing

  • User-Friendly Software

  • Branding-Option

  • Greenscreen

  • Professional Printer

  • Lockable

  • Layout-Editor Onboard

  • Voice Instructions

  • Hashtag-Printing

  • DSLR-Camerars


Your Satisfaction is very important to us. Therefore, we are always on your Side with Words and Deeds if you buy a Photobooth from us. Take Advantage of our Experience from hundreds of Photobooth-Events. If you’re starting your own Photobooth-Business, we will give you valuable Tips. We tell you what is important. With our site we’re placing on top 3 all over Germany for the main Keywords and get annually by a 4-digit number of inquiries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since we can not do everything ourselves, we will forward such requests to Customers in the appropriate Region. So we can provide direct Assistance in case of Cancellation and our Customers benefit from it, too. We will not leave you alone if you buy a Photobooth.