With our Photo Booth – Ready, we offer a sophisticated complete System which has been reinforced in many cases in Practice. The Photobooth is designed to rent it per Shipping, too. Therefore, it is very sturdy yet light. Our Aim is to give you an Photobooth wich is capable to meet all customer requests right from the Start and have no Restrictions. Whether it’s the optional Thermal-Printer or our functional, but simple Software that allows our Photobooth to be prepared for each case. The sophisticated Aluminum Case combines all technical Components safely, in a small Space and weighs only 22Kg including the complete Technique (without Printer). The scratch and impact resistant Powder-Coating withstand even rough Use and gives the Photobox an high Quality Optic. It also fits in a small Car and can be easily installed by one Person. The Start-up takes less than 10 minutes.

S2145-Printer only fits to Tower-Upgrade

CS2-Printer only with Tripod!

DNP DS620-Printer only with Tripod!